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Saturday, October 28, 2006

A New Canadian Needle Art Magazine; Moving Preparedness Update.


Dorne and I were in Save-On Foods today, and found this: Needle Pulling Thread. Just above the title on the magazine are these words: "The Magazine Promoting Canadian Needle Arts". Ohhhh, music to my eyes! They've been publishing quarterly for one year now (I MUST get the first three issues!). I've collected Piecework Magazine since it first published (lo those many years ago!), but it's become a shadow of what it was originally, plus, it's so NOT Canadian!

I think I need to write an article about lace knitting and maybe provide some EYE CANDY for them. Hmmm ... that'll be on my plate in December.

I can KNIT under any circumstance. A (sort of) co-worker has been pestering me for a toque (otherwise known as a "winter hat" pronounced "two" with a "k" on the end), and I happened to have about a 2 lb. cone of pale mauve (pronounce MOH-V, for those who want to say "mahv") chenille yarn. So I banged off a quick toque with a tassle-thingy, and finished it last night. I may have to start another toque, just for therapeutic purposes. It's pretty darn brainless knitting (and I don't have much of a brain these days, I think I packed the little thing in one of the boxes and forgot to label it ... ha ha), provides me with the necessary stress-reduction, and amuses the kitties. I'll try to remember to post little pic of it later.

We're almost ready for the movers. Tomorrow will be the final day of packing, Monday morning I'll wash the bedding and pack it up, and Monday afternoon the movers arrive. I look around and actually believe we'll be ready.

My bestest friend Adonus has been my chief packer-upper. She was here at 7:30 (ugh) this morning, and will be here tomorrow morning, same time. For someone who doesn't want us to move, she's sure doing a lot of packing (ahem ;-) ...

Tomorrow morning I'm giving away several bags of fabric. I belong to Freecycle, and all I had to do was submit a post about the fabric. That was my first mistake. Actually, if I had known the response was going to be so phenomenal, I would have published the ground rules with the original post. What a feeding frenzy. Sheesh. So, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, I'll be in the garage with a big stick in my hand, watching people go nutty over fabric. Hopefully it'll be over in a few minutes so we can resume packing quickly.

Tonight is Christmas at my Dad's house. Oh, and his birthday, too. We're going to be on the Island for both, and so we're having a little pahhhhtay tonight. Happy Hour is at 4:30, and my big burly Aunty Jean will be joining us (and I'm her "itty bitty niece ... hehe).

And right now, I'm going to take my poor aching foot and go stretch out for a few minutes. My son should be docked in Ft. Lauderdale today, and I'm sorta hoping he'll give us a quick call before we head out for today's Christmas pahhhhhtay at his grandfather's house.

Onwards and upwards!


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