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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Preparing to Move; Another Update and NO KNITTING!

Today I visited an iridologist. He didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, other than I may be taking too much Vit. E, which contributes to my already-overheated state. I need to eat nothing with wheat and other gluten-containing foods, increase my protein intake and reduce my fluid intake. Go figure. He says I don't really have asthma, but that I'm so mucousy that I have asthma-like symptoms. He also said that one of the side-effects of pain killers is pain (they temporarily relieve pain, but can cause some rebound effects), and that my achy joints have nothing to do with aging, but are directly connected to the toxins in my system. So I'm doing the first of three cleanses, starting tomorrow.

I have a torn ligament in my left foot. The cure is 3 - 4 weeks OFF my feet. Like that's going to happen. I could go on crutches for a few weeks, but that would be really annoying while trying to hump heavy bins and boxes around, getting organized and packed.

My son phoned me today. The cruise ship on which he's working, The Caribbean Princess, had just pulled out of Ft. Lauderdale, and he was on deck all day, greeting passengers. Apparently there's quite a hierarchy in the staff/crew. Non-English speaking crew whose work is anything but dealing with passengers are not allowed anywhere near where passengers might be. The personable English-speaking crew (Eric being in that population), while not allowed 100% free rein on the passenger decks, certainly have much more access to most parts of the ship. Rules are very clear; no fraternizing with the passengers, no booze, no drugs.

Eric is working some very long hours, but they also get days when they can go ashore and veg on a tropical beach, have a marguerita and relax.

One of my all-time favourite movies is on, The American President. Not that I'm intoxicated with US politics, but the final speech given by Michael Douglas is fabulous, and my favourite part of the movie. It's on late, but I'm staying up to watch it.

Packed a ton more stuff today, sorted out shit and have about 7 or 8 bags of fabric to donate to one of the local thrift stores. This has freed up several bins, and now the kitchen is almost completely packed up. We have till noon on Oct. 30th, and then the movers will be here. My last day of work is Oct. 27.

My dad and his wife are having Christmas for us on Oct. 28. I've had a couple of weepy moments today (and NO, Adonus, it's NOT hormomes ;-), thinking of how much fun it's been to be so close to my dad, to have had the chance to get to know him all over again, and how much I'd love to continue to live a 5-minute drive away from him, if only he lived on the Island!

Tomorrow night we're out for dinner with my dad and his wife, and I have a ton more packing to do.

AND ... my niece is expecting my SECOND great-nephew! Ohhhhh yaaaaaa !!! He'll be arriving sometime in March next year.

Things to look forward to; my niece's birthday bash at Pagliacci's in Victoria, the weekend of Nov. 18 (we'll be sure Jen's with us!), Christmas in Victoria; seeing Mae and Roberta and Pam and Marlene and Patrick and so many more of my Port Alberni friends; living in my own house again; planting Rick's dahlia tubers in my garden; watching the apple tree bloom next spring; rejuvenating the pond in the backyard; going to Savary Island, and waiting for Eric to come home from his 6 months in the Caribbean. I can't wait to see him walk into the house in which he grew up, smelling my roast beef and yorkshire pudding, and bask in the feeling of "normal" which I have missed so much over the last seven plus years.

I'm heading back to the couch to watch the movie, and wish I had some lace knitting on which to work, but that won't happen until that @#$@#$ vest covered in wood ticks is finished and in the gift box. Instead, I'll gaze longingly at a couple of my lace knitting magazines which haven't yet been packed.


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