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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Few Small Changes

Today I added more links to my list of favourites, including The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, and others. If you click on any of the "helping" sites, you'll get all the others on tabs, making it easy to click on all of them, once a day.

And yes, Virginia, it's free for the clicker (that's you).

I also added a copyright statement, more for those who wish to use my knitting information, but also for my own pictures which are on the blog. Pictures etc. can be shared, but only with my permission, giving me credit, and not for profit!

Upcoming will be pictures of my meeting, in Victoria, BC, with Billy Willbond of ICross Canada, receiving the 65 Izzy Dolls knit by my Rehab Society group here in Lethbridge. My dad and my son were with me, and we were all treated to a tour of the next batch of medical and educational supplies Billy's collected and will be shipping to Malawi later this year. Even the shipping containers are part of the "supplies", as they will, once emptied, be turned into additions to a hospital in Malawi.

We also recently celebrated the 50th birthday of my ahem YOUNGER ahem cough cough sister, also in Victoria over the Canada Day weekend. The entire family was there, including both our parents, both the grandchildren, and the only great grandchild, along with many friends. My sweetie stayed home in Lethbridge, and I missed him TONS, but the doggie and kitties were happy he was here!

I have collected nearly all the lace knitting I've done for my mother and my sister, and wil be entering it in this year's Lethbridge Fair, called (another long story!) Whoop Up Days. I'm hoping to finish the silk evening wrap I'm working on now (somewhat following Marianne Kinzel's Azalea pattern), and get another silk wedding garter knit, in time for the Fair. Needless to say, I'll be taking photographs while this stuff is in my possession, and will post those on my blog at some point. Hopefully, I'll also be posting pics of all my blue ribbons after the fair!

And .... just to add a little spice, there will be some pre-move angst, I'm sure, as we prepare for our move back to Vancouver Island, to a big old (1908) house there which has been calling my name for over 7 years now, since I was last there. I am so excited about being back in my OWN house, digging in my OWN garden, and playing in my OWN pond, that I can hardly contain myself!

Ok, it's late and I'm going to bed! Saturday tomorrow ... organic, fair trade coffee, Stewart MacLean on CBC radio, the house is already clean (thanks, Kim!) and my knitting will be waiting for me when I wake up. I LOVE LOVE weekends!


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