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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Count-Down

Apparently is having indigestion, and my "cool clock thingy" isn't even appearing on my blog. As soon as clocklink has regained consciousness, I'll reinstall the clock.

Update: Sunday, Oct. 21/06; it's my Zone Alarm that's not allowing me to see my own clock, and there's nothing wrong with clocklink! I also checked the count-down clocks, and found one suitable.

They also offer cool "count-down" thingies (gotta love someone who uses "thingie" to describe almost anything, eh? ;-) ....... sooooooooooooooo .... I'm going to install THAT to count down the time until we leave Lethbridge and start our trek back to Vancouver Island. Well, "back to" for me, as I lived there for 20 years. For Dorne, other than a holiday or two long before we met, it's the beginning of a whole new adventure.

And for both of us, the event is worthy of counting down.

Today Adonus, my best friend/soul sister/soul daughter (she's young enough to be my daughter ... egads !!) came over and we packed up the kitchen, other than a handful of implements and instruments which we'll need over the next couple of weeks.

Dorne got my Blazer into the freshly-cleaned garage, pulled out the old (and third) windshield, with all it's cracks and splits, and sanded out all the rust, bondo-ed it, re-sanded, and has applied the paint. Tomorrow, the new (to us, picked it up at a wrecker's for a fraction of the cost of a new one, with only one little pit which will be easy to fix) windshield goes in, and probably the replacement driver's door, too (although we'll be keeping the window out of the original door, "just in case"). Then he'll give the replacement tailgate a quick sanding, a coat of paint to match the paint on the Blazer, and pop that baby in place, too. I'll be glad to see that rusted out tailgate go.

Tomorrow, my friend Shannon and her husband are coming over to pick up a large dresser, and sometime this week we'll be selling the sofa and loveseat. Law and Order just won't be the same without that sofa!

This place is really starting to look like we're leaving (ohhhh yaaaaa!!). The movers will be here on Oct. 30 to load up, and they'll be in Port Alberni on Nov. 2 to unload. We'll be travelling with the pets, leaving on Oct. 31 and arriving the following day in Port Alberni, taking a small suitcase with a couple of changes of clothes, a bin with the coffee maker and assorted cups, coffee (fair trade and organic, of course!), organic raw sugar, and a few other things we'll need to survive our first night, bedless in Port Alberni, with six four-legged companions. We're thinking of getting a motel, and there's one just a few blocks from the house. Doggie-dude would have to spend the night in the back of the Blazer, and we'd get the Kitty-dudes set up in the house with food, water and fresh litter before heading to the motel for the night.

The bread-burning beerhead who lives downstairs just showed up, slid down the stairs and now I can smell something cooking ... probably bread on the red-hot element on his stove (it's way more important to buy beer than have a toaster that works). Oh well, soon, he'll be nothing more than a memory. My feelings of animosity towards him have slowly dissipated and have been replaced by pity. Go figure. Must be menopause or the phase of the moon, or something like that.

And on that note, I'll sign off. Many MORE miles to go before I sleep (sorry, Bob Frost), more packing tomorrow, help Dorne install the windshield, a couple of haircuts to give, dinner with my dad and his wife, and then back to work on Monday. I'm already exhausted ... good night!


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