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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Wedding Garter Pattern

Nurhanne and I "met" through the Knitted Lace List, in 1999. I joined the (then) monthly bookmark exchange, and she was given my name by the coordinator. I had just moved to Massachusetts, from the West Coast of Canada, was homesick beyond belief, and she knit me a bookmark with pine trees (a Shetland lace design) and pine cones. I received this wonderful gift from her, along with a lovely note explaining that she had chosen those patterns to remind me of my home in Canada. That was to be the first of many bookmarks I received in the bookmark exchange (an off-shoot of the Knitted Lace List).

(Nurhanne's bookmark is the green one, second from the top.)

Then I started knitting the wedding garters, using a pattern someone had sent me, I co
uldn't remember who, and had no idea where it came from. Fortunately, Nurhanne had been surfing and checked out my blog, and voila! The pattern is from Nurhanne's website.

I'm so glad Nurhanne dropped by and solved the mystery!

(This is the first test-knit of what was to become the garter pattern. Canadian penny is the same size as a US penny.)

I have made some adaptations to the pattern, as I discovered a few secrets along the way. I'll post those at a later time, probably after we're (somewhat) unpacked and (somewhat) set up in Port Alberni.

(The Mougin Wedding Garter, cotton, with blue ribbon)

(The Manson-Pierson Wedding Garter, silk with pink ribbon and freshwater pearls.)

What??? Did someone say Port Alberni?? Ya mean after nearly seven and a half years you're finally going HOME???

Thanks for visiting, Nurhanne! Drop by again soon!

Update: September 16, 2007
With all the interest shown in my knitted wedding garters, I am offering to knit them for anyone who wishes to order one. I will, of course, be charging a fee, which will vary depending on thread (silk, cotton, linen) and embellishments (pearls, ribbon, etc.)
Please contact me: rosemarie dot buchanan at gmail dot com for details!

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