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Monday, December 11, 2006

Ya Gotta Check Out These Websites!

While I'm busy finishing this @#$@#$@# crawling-with-woodticks vest, YOU should check out these links (and hopefully I can make them work for you ...).

Ok, so I tried and partially because we've just had a 3-hour power outage and I need to be knitting instead of typing, I'll just refer you to my sidebar, the list of links labeled "My Favourite Personal and Political Links".

Check out these: "You Knit What?" -- a hilarious blog about "fugly" (and you KNOW what that stands for!) knitting. I've strolled through it a few times, and although it hasn't been updated in several months, both the pictures and commentary are riotous. I mean REALLY, where do some of those folks get their inspiration???? Maybe they're looking at the compost, or watching the toilet swirl as it flushes? Anyway, check it out and laugh out loud.

And one day on my way to something else, I found an alternate-use-for-tampons website. That's also listed on the sidebar. Make a toupe for your favourite guy using tampons ... make a tampon-shooting weapon out of PVC pipe, let your imagination run wild! Heck, you can even make Christmas and Hallowe'en decorations from tampons! (and even if you don't, you can laugh like heck at this website!).

If this doesn't make you angry .....

nothing will. Iams tests its pet foods on cruelly-confined cats and dogs. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also linked on my sidebar) have researched this carefully, and cannot get an iron-clad guarantee from Iams that they have stopped this cruel and bizarre practice. Check out that link on my sidebar, too. This is one of the many reasons we are now carefully researching the sources of our pets' food.

Another one on the sidebar I've labeled "You'll never eat KFC again". Check out this website. While it's a little "tabloidish" in its presentation, it confirms what I have suspected for years (and is backed up by PETA, which is a reputable organization).

We pride ourselves in being "ethical shoppers". We do NOT shop at (ugh) Wal-Mart, and tend to try to buy Canadian, where possible. We buy organic as much as possible, and attempt (it's difficult) to purchase meat from farmers who have raised and treated our food animals ethically. Cattle standing belly-deep in their own excrement are inhaling (therefore affecting the quality of meat, to say nothing of the health and wellbeing of the animal) copious quantities of ammonia (from their urine) and methane (from their gas). Add to that the fact that some "agribusiness" genius decided that feeding vegetarian ruminants the ground-up remains of their cousins, introducing all kinds of toxins and bad biology into our food, was a good idea, and it's not hard to figure out that we're all better off eating ethically and organically raised foods.

Maybe check out the last two websites first, and then go to the funny ones. You may need a laugh after seeing the other two websites.

Ok, back to that damned @#$$@##$@#$ vest with the @#$$#@ beetles all frickin' over the place (ohhhhhhh god I'll be glad when this is done!).


  • At Sun. Dec. 17, 10:34:00 a.m. PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is so comforting to see that you've mellowed with your move back home R.
    It must be the glorious B.C. coastal weather of the recent months that smooths your rough edges!
    Love, Me


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