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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

An Honourable Mention

Seems my blog has become a bit of a sensation in the knitting world. It didn't make the top 100 most visited blogs of the knitting variety, but it did get an honourable mention. How cool is THAT?

(That's Pluck, aka Parking Lot Kitty, who's been with us for more than a year now ... isn't she just too sweet?)

The title of this post contains the link to the knitting stats blog. Scroll down and you'll find your way to my blog u
nder the "Up and Coming" title. A few of my blogging knit friends actually made the top 100. Kenny Chua's blog was #63 in the top 100; Chris French's was in the Up and Coming list.

I think the success has been partially because of my belly button start for circul
ar projects, and partly because of the wedding garters I knit, and partly because of my Nieblings.

Although I haven't blogged since April, I am still spending a lot of time knitting. Here are some of the results:

This is a sweater I knit for a friend's daughter. The longhaired little girl is on the front of the Mary Maxim pattern, and the little girl standing in front of the white cupboard is wearing the sweater I knit. As a side note, I dislike Mary Maxim patterns (poorly written) and really hate knittiing with acrylic yarn, but couldn't resist knitting for this little girl.

This picture is of the PhoenixPalme tablecloth, which I knit as a Christmas gift for my dad and his wife in 2007. This was taken on their antique oak dining room table, in their home in Lethbridge. I was there in May, 2009. The PP is a Herbert Niebling design, and I spent six months knitting it.

While I was in Lethbridge, I found some old pictures. Here is one of me and my son. He'll be 30 years old next month (Dec. '09), so this photo certainly qualifies as vintage!

On the right is the Lautrec Bolera, designed by Jean Moss. I am knitting this for my sister Christine, who lives in Toronto. What can I say about knitting this? I love my sister. 'Nuff said.

And here are several more projects I've completed this year:

First on the hit parade is my adaptation of the Icelandic Shawl; I'll call it the Nordic Shawl, just so no
one's copyright gets bent out of shape.

My sweetie is modelling it. He's 6'4", so you can see it's a big shawl. I made it so the top centre would fold back into a (wait for it) shawl collar.

This is a detail shot on a cotton scarf I knit for my mother. This cotton is so fabulous that unless you really know your fibres, you'd swear it was silk. This was a birthday gift for my mother this year.

The white stole is a piece I knit in early 2009. It is white kid mohair with a bit of nylon. I picked up a cone of this stuff at a thrift store for ninety-nine cents!!!

The grey shawl below was knit with a wool/acrylic blend. I haven't "killed" it yet, so it doesn't hold the blocking very well. I'll get to it eventually!

This is a little shawl I knit out of vintage baby wool. I call it "Diamonds and Lace", and it's an extremely simple little shawl. Because of it's simplicity, it was a lovely little knit, just the tonic my knitting-weary brain needed at the time!

More pics to come. Next week, my mother and I are flying to Ottawa, and will spend Remembrance Day at the National Cenotaph, and then attend my nephew's award ceremony at Rideau Hall, where the Governor General will be presenting him with a medal for Meritorious Service in Afganistan. That will be followed up with a weekend in Montreal, another couple of days in Ottawa, and then home. Thankfully, knitting is now allowed on planes, so I'll have about 10 hours of knitting time, which will take me a long way towards finishing my sister's Lautrec Bolero.


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