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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Look Out, Nanaimo, It's Cyndi and Rosemarie on the Loose!

There needs to be some kind of celebration when two people connected by lace knitting actually get to meet, face-to-face.

Cyndi emailed me a while back, saying she was going to be on Vancouver Island for a weekend conference, and would it be possible to get together for a while?

I jumped at the chance, having frequently emailed Cyndi, and being on Facebook and finding out that we have much more in common than just lace knitting!

I met Cyndi and her man at the Coast Bastion hotel, close to the waterfront and within walking distance of Mad About Ewe, (I'd post the link, if they had a website!), a Nanaimo LYS. Of c
ourse we knew who each other was right away, as Cyndi and I both own a unique set of wheels; hers immediately under her, much newer and worth way more, and mine, well, my Chev Blazer is 17 years old now and has 400,000 km on her original motor (and she was new when I first brought her home!). I figure if I'm ever needing a tow, I'll call Cyndi!!

We did a little show and tell, too. If you check out her blog, you'll see these wonderful socks on the sticks. Well, I'm one up on all of you, because I saw them in real life, and being modelled by the knitter herself!

We did visit Mad About Ewe, and discovered that it's not just the yarn of the ewe they have. I have never seen, ergo, never touched Kidsilk Haze until last Monday. This is an experience not soon to be forgotten, and if the stuff weren't so expensive, I might have come home with some. Whew ... I'd have to get a second job in order to afford to knit one item with Kidsilk Haze!

Cyndi and I both were groping the copious quantities of wools and yarns, we stopped by the button wall and she picked out a seashell button for her toque, to remind her of her trip to the Island, and of course, we both spent money there (it is clearly very important to support the local economy!!). We lingered for nea
rly an hour, chatting with the store owners and (ahem), I shared my belly button start for circular projects with a woman who had stopped in for some help with her circular start. Modesty does not become me one bit!

One of the owners even agreed to take our picture with, I know this is hard to believe, but there is an entire wall of wool behind us. Imagine!!

Thanks to Mad About Ewe for indulging us. I did overhear one of the owners saying they are developing a website, and as soon as I see that, I'll post a link!

Cyndi and I also found out that sock knitting legend Nancy Bush had been to Nanaimo a few months earlier. Now if Mad About Ewe had a website, or even a monthly newsletter, I'd have known about that!!

(I will get over it!). (maybe)

One of the many things about which Cyndi and I agreed was that we need to go to a knitting retreat on one of the Gulf Islands. Apparently Quadra Island has a place that does just such a thing, so we'll have to dig more deeply and find out.

We had a great lunch together, talked up a storm, and then it was time to say goodbye. Cyndi and John were facing a many-hour bus trip back to northern BC, where they live.

I had a blast, and it was wonderful to meet a laceknitting comrade. I'm glad Cyndi survived the day with me (I can be somewhat challenging, you know!).

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