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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

China Prepares for the Beijing Olympics

"Our great trading partner" is preparing for this summer's Olympics.

IOC is flogging the illusion that the Olympics will help bring civility and democracy to China.

They are idiots.

If Cuba's government is considered so awful that the US continues its economic sanctions against that country, then can someone explain to me why the world isn't boycotting EVERYTHING Chinese?

As much as I want to cheer for all Canadian athletes, and particularly for Port Alberni wrestler Travis Cross, I think the toll taken on the Chinese population, at the hands of its own military and police, is too high to justify supporting anything less than total economic sanctions, and boycotts of, anything Chinese-made.

Before anyone accuses me of wanting less for the people of China than I'd want for anyone else, let's be realistic. The Chinese government and a handful of factory owners are the real winners in the Chinese economic boom. Wal*Mart (which I actively boycott) compounds the issues of poverty and worker rights, and anyone who buys from that store supports the stockholders of that store, and NOT the people who make the goods.

The ecology and workers are the losers. Yes, I believe everyone has the right to a standard of living that affords dignity, education and health care. If anyone really believes that's what the workers in China are getting, they're only fooling themselves.

I know many hundreds of athletes have been working hard for this Olympics. It may not be too late to relocate many of the events to countries which do not censor and abuse its citizens.

If you don't openly object, then you passively accept. Condonation, it's called. No one will get that from me.

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  • At Tue. Mar. 25, 08:27:00 p.m. PDT, Blogger Eric B. said…

    The Chinese didn't park nuclear warheads off the US coast that would clear every large city south of Washington DC.

    People are not boycotting because the purchasing Chinese goods help raise over 400 million people out of poverty. And by not purchasing those goods you'll send those people back into the dark ages of Chairman Mao.

    This is 400 million people with greater power to demand change from their government. They are demanding greater human rights, fairer trade, income equality, and social stability.

  • At Sat. May 03, 09:12:00 p.m. PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I totally agree with you.

    The people of china is the big loosers and china should be boycotted as long as they can not provide human rights for their workers and freedom of speak.

    But today all goverments are thinking of is $$$!

  • At Thu. May 29, 12:43:00 p.m. PDT, Blogger Julia said…

    I said the same thing on my blog. Just the fact that they were "given" the Olympics in hope that they would clean up their human rights record was a farce in the first place. The Chinese government is more than merely anal retentive; it is immoral.


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