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Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, It's My Birthday Month, Too!

Knit Witch is sponsoring a contest this month, because it is her birthday, so she gives the presents!

Well, it's my birthday month, too. Saturday, January 19th will be seeing out the end of my 52nd year on this planet, and the ushering in of Birthday Number Fifty-F*cking-Three (that ongoing family joke, which I should really explain at some time, it's not nearly as obscene as one might think!).

So Knit Witch has asked contestants to send her the story of their most embarassing moment in life. I have several which could qualify. Oy.

Like the time I was at the Brimfield, Massachusetts antique fair, and found TWO Bill Reid prints priced at $30.00 each. What a deal! I whipped out my wallet when asked how I was going to pay for them. "Why, cash, of course." I mean, what's $60 for a pair of Bill Reid prints?

(If you ever hang out at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and need a place to avoid being tasered, then check out his huge sculpture there. Bill Reid was an amazing human being, and an incredible artist.)

Just then my companion walked in. It was about the same time the seller of the prints informed me they were $3000 each, NOT $30.00 each. (Although if he wanted that much for them, he should have had them up off the damp ground, and at least cleaned off the glass so a person could SEE the decimal point between the zeroes!)

Ok, so I should have had reading glasses on. Or maybe the dude selling them should have had the price tags more clearly printed. Regardless, I was embarassed and this story continues to be one that my family loves to hear (jerks, eh? ;-).

I have since developed a passion for First Nations art, and have several originals and prints hanging in my living room. They help remind me that a good humiliation can last a lifetime.

And then there's the time I smeared chapstick all over my mouth, only to be told about half an hour later that I had mistakenly grabbed my frosted blackberry lipstick instead of the chapstick. The half hour in between putting it on and being told included a walk around a very crowded fair grounds, and being on the local school board, at the time, meant that I was meeting and greeting lots of folks that I knew.

If YOU ever have lipstick where it shouldn't be, or your sweater is mis-buttoned, or you have spinach in your teeth, I will always tell you ... gently and discreetly, but I will always tell you!

Anyway, now I'm going to send Knit Witch an email and let her know to check for my entries into her contest.

I think us January babies should stick .... or in this case, stitch ... together, right?

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  • At Sat. Jan. 12, 08:16:00 a.m. PST, Blogger Diana said…

    Or raccoon eyes! Doggone it, don't you hate it when you have mascara circles under your eyes and no one tells you?

    Feel free to say Carlin's seven words (although some them get said now anyway) and you will LOVE Eddie Izzard. You can catch him sometimes on Comedy Central.

    I'm still getting my blog set up, and your's was one of the ones I had to add from my reading list. Now done!

  • At Sun. Jan. 13, 08:18:00 a.m. PST, Blogger Knit Witch said…

    Great stories!!! Thanks so much for entering the contest and posting the link. I second the nomination for Eddie Izzard - what a character!

  • At Fri. Jan. 18, 02:05:00 p.m. PST, Blogger Diana said…

    "Diana's Knitting and Griping Blog?" Good grief. Now aren't *I* glad I went to the trouble of coming up with a catchy name? ROFL

    Or as the DH said, "That woiks!"


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