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This is me, an opinionated, politically progressive Canadian Lace Knitter who's lived and worked in western Canada, and on the east coast of the USA; a multi-skilled person who's been recently re-elected to public office, has a Class One driver's license, a human services professional in direct service, middle and senior management positions, and a MOM!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Talk to me!

Many people have viewed my profile, and I'd love to know who is viewing it and why. Please click on the "email me" and send me a line or two, whether you are a lace knitter, a friend who's Googled my name, or a total stranger just browsing and happened to stop in (or none of the above!). Thanks!
P.S. Addendum: To email, please click on "View my Complete Profile", then click on "email" once you get to the profile page. To leave a comment, click on "Comment" which accompanies every entry, at the bottom. You do NOT have to be a blogger (on this blog service) to leave a comment, but you do need to click on either "blogger" or "other" or "anonymous", then follow the directions below the comment space to have your comment published. I have been spammed several times, and the letters at the bottom of the comment window are there to prevent spammers from plying their dirty trades.
And thanks to those who have already written! It's a great treat to hear from you!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

These are the bookmarks I knit for my two exchange partners, both knit out of two (non-plied) strands of pure silk thread. Margaret Heathman, of Monroe, GA, is receiving the Rose Trellis bookmark on the left. Witt Pratt, of Washington, DC, will be receiving the alternating Madeira Cascade on the right. Knitting info: I always do a single-needle cast-on (although I use both needles parallel, for a softer and non-binding cast-on), slip the first stitch of every row for a beautiful edge (I'm so modest ;-), three rows of seed stitch across the bottom and three seed stitches up each side, for a firm but pretty frame for the bookmarks. I used 1.5 mm stainless steel needles. I've been a member of the bookmark exchange on the Knitted Lace List for about 7 years, and, as all exchange participants, I have a marvellous collection of bookmarks sent to me from around the world. Posted by Picasa

This is the bookmark I received from Margaret Heathman, in Monroe, Georgia, USA. I had received the summer issue of Piecework and was admiring the pretty bookmark in it, and then voila! It appears on my doorstep, handknit by Margaret! Beautiful work, and I love the colour. Thank you so much, Margaret! Posted by Picasa

The Knitted Lace Silk Wedding Garter, all done. The Canadian quarter on the right is the same size as a US quarter, and it gives a pretty good idea of how big the garter is. I used ivory satin ribbon across the top; in hindsight (isn't it always 20/20??), I should have placed the eyelets for the ribbon at the points and exactly in between the points. Of course, we all know that only another lace knitter would think of this! My friend Raenette, in Athol, Massachusetts, will be wearing this on her wedding day next month, September 2005! Look to the west, Rae; see that hand waving? That's me! I miss you and wish you and John the best of everything! Posted by Picasa

This is the completed Silk Wedding Garter. The colour is actually slightly more a "slate" blue, but when I was fiddling with the colours, this shade brought out the lace more. The silk thread is incredibly glossy, very similar to rayon embroidery thread, however, there is only one thing that feels like real silk. Bless the silk worms that gave the world this fabulous fibre! Posted by Picasa
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