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This is me, an opinionated, politically progressive Canadian Lace Knitter who's lived and worked in western Canada, and on the east coast of the USA; a multi-skilled person who's been recently re-elected to public office, has a Class One driver's license, a human services professional in direct service, middle and senior management positions, and a MOM!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bookmark I knit for one of my exchange partners. That's the Tiger Eye pattern out of Barbara Walker's Treasury. As it turns out, when I knit the bookmark, my exchange partner was very far away from me (I was in Massachusetts, and she was in Alberta). Now, however, I am happy to report that she and I live close enough to each other to get together for lunch (which we still haven't done, but shall soon, I'm sure!). Oh, I'm the one that moved, not her (big grin). Posted by Hello


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